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Welcome to Artreach, Inc., home of The Second Step Players Theater troupe

Creativity in all of its forms has the power to heal. It is our delight to help individuals remember who they are by connecting with their unique form of creativity. 

Since 1985,  Artreach’s innovative approaches to wellness have helped adults with psychiatric disorders achieve sustainable recovery, as defined by each individual, using creativity as its primary healing modality.

The Second Step Players write and perform Conscious Comedy based on their personal mental health histories and paths to recovery.  Their gentle brand of humor delights and inspires, and is stigma-busting! Please explore our site and learn about the many ways that Artreach uses creativity to heal.

Testimony from Judith D. - How Artreach Programs change lives!

"All of the events I am involved with at Artreach help me to build self-confidence. The art classes and writing classes are especially helpful. Robin, our writing class instructor is wonderful in the way that she makes you feel like a writer, like you can do it and the writing you do is worthwhile and important. The poetry reading events help to make me feel like my writing is shareable and possibly even publishable.

The support I have gotten from Artreach and the people here has given me the confidence to say, “Yes, even at 58 I can do something special in this world!”

I have decided I want to be a writer or as Robin would say, “You ARE a writer!” and I feel this thing is doable.

My confidence, nurtured by Artreach, has gotten strong enough to birth a dream!

I am a writer that one day you will see in print. I believe this."


The Second Step Players

Original Sketch Comedy on Mental Health Topics

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The Second Step Players

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Becca Atkins

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Thriller Dance Lesson – Melliss
Tue Oct 21 @ 2:30PM -
Art After Dark
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